Privacy statement & terms and conditions

Last revised: 14th of April 2023

Medmento is developed by Left Mouse Button AS, who owns and is responsible for this software. In the following, "Medmento" is occasionally also used to refer to the provider of this software (as this is the name commonly used when referring to this service).

By using Medmento, and giving your consent to the following statement and terms and conditions, you (the user of the device on which Medmento is installed) are giving us (Medmento) access to information registered by you. Here you can view which data we collect, how we collect the data, and what use we make of it.

You also consent to having understood what Medmento is (and what Medmento is not): Medmento is a tool which lets users register data. The data registered is:

  • Information about medicines.
  • The point in time when medicines should be taken.
  • Information about the person who is on the medication. This information may vary, as it is registered by the user (or by another person in agreement with the user).
  • Other user-generated information associated with the registered medications.

To best protect the privacy of the person whose information is registered in Medmento, no personal data is stored about this person, be it in the app, or on Medmento's servers. This is true even for Medmento Premium subscribers. This person is instead identified by a randomly generated key consisting of 36 characters. Thus, the person is not directly identifiable (but remains indirectly identifiable).

Medmento triggers an alarm which aims to notify the user using hardware on the device running the app, such as the sound speakers, but no guarantee is given that the alarm is triggered, that the alarm makes an audible sound, nor that the alarm is triggered at the expected point in time. Medmento should therefore be considered as a complimentary tool, and not as a replacement for another dedicated medication alarm, as a guarantee cannot be given that the alarm will always be triggered at the set time. This is due to technical reasons, such as the inner workings of the APIs provided by the Android and iOS platforms for scheduling alarms, and due to the fact that the device on which Medmento is running could be restricting the alarm from triggering due to battery saving settings, or other software and hardware issues.

Medmento is not medical equipment Medmento provides the user with a means to register information; Medmento draws no conclusions, nor does Medmento provide any diagnosis or recommendation based on this information (the app only offers presentation and aggregation of registered data).

Medmento does not guarantee that the tool is accurate and/or presents data in a nonharmful way for all intents and purposes.

What information is collected by Medmento?

No information except some simple and anonymous usage statistics are collected by Medmento. This information is:

  • What technology you use (whether you use Android or iPhone, what version of the app is used, or similar data).
  • Simple data on what you do (i.e. what functions in the app are in use).

The information is stored in our databases (located in the EU), or on the device running Medmento (phone/tablet etc.). All private data are encrypted, both on the device, and in the Medmento databases. Data transfer from the medmento servers are also encrypted, and access to the Medmento database is strictly restricted to the data controller at Medmento (and the data controller at our database provider).

What is the information used for?

  • The information is used to prioritize future development of the service.
  • The data is anonymous and contains no personal information whatsoever.

How long is the information stored?

We do not store data longer or more extensively than required for providing the service. You may at any time request to have all or parts of your data deleted from our databases.

Your rights

You own your data; you have the right to get access to information you own. You also have the right to get information about you corrected or deleted according to the law, or ask for the processing of your data to be restricted should you state that the processing is illegal.

  • You have the right to view stored information which can be associated with you.
  • You have the right to get incorrect information about you corrected.
  • You have the right to get data associated with you deleted.
  • You have the right to object to processing of your data.
  • You have under certain circumstances right to receive information stored in our databases in a digital format, and also the right to get data transferred to another external entity if you so wish, and if it is feasible and justifiable. This right only applies to data you have given us, directly through the service or generated from your use of Medmento.

There are certain exceptions to the rights described here. These exceptions are given by the current legislation, and may for example entail restrictions when accessing certain data due to considerations taken based on the rights of others.

To exercise any of these rights, you must contact the data controller at Medmento.

Legal disclaimer

Medmento is not medical equipment. Further, under no circumstances shall Medmento or any affiliates, partners, suppliers or licensors be liable for any indirect, incidental, consequental, special or exemplary damages arising out of or in connection with your access or use of or inability to access or use the tool and any third party content and services, whether or not the damages were foreseeable and whether or not Medmento was advised of the possibility of such damages.

Even though Medmento can be used to guide and potentially improve the medication of a person, the tool is in no circumstances a replacement for a normal process of treatment and titration performed by a doctor, and Medmento must as such only be used as a supporting tool. Medication at the right time is also not guaranteed by Medmento, so if this is critical, other or additional measures must be taken.

Use at your own risk

Any action you take based on information provided by Medmento is strictly at your own risk, and we will not be liable for any losses and damages in connection with the use of our services.

Changes to this privacy statement and terms and conditions

This privacy statement and terms and conditions may be amended from time to time, at our discretion and without further notice to you, as we adapt to a changing business, technological, and regulatory environment. If we require a new consent from you, we will explicitly collect this when necessary.


The data controller at Medmento is Left Mouse Button AS and can be reached by e-mail at Left Mouse Button can be contacted regarding requests for deleting data, data access, or other inquiries related to privacy.

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